Artdeco Butterfly Dreams for Spring 2013

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Germany based brand, Artdeco has released recently gorgeous and aerial make up collection, the “Butterfly Dreams” for Spring 2013! The collection proves to be very verstatile, as it includes a lot of products for the face, lips and of course eyes! Let’s take a closer look at all these goodies!
 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013

New Artdeco collection for Spring 2013

Getting ready for spring season has never been more fun, than with all of these make up goodies from different brands! Artdeco has recently added up to the collection by releasing an exclusive “Butterfly Dreams” line. The collection is proving exactly its name, as it is very aerial and colorful. There are different categories covered in the collection, let’s go down with each of them and inspect them closer.

I. Products for the Eyes
Artdeco offers a lot of products for your eyes to shine this spring and summer season. The collection offers Beauty Box Quattro, a set of four unique eye shadows in one box, however in limited Edition for €9.50. If you don’t need the quatro, go for individual shades available for €4.80 in:
 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013
#267 Fresh Water – turquoise blue
#297 Rosy Heart Throb – apricot
#255 Aero Spring Green – mint
#285 Lilac Passionflower – violet

Now if that is not even, you can go for a refill, entitled simply the designer refill for only €7.50:

#59 Frosted Spring – bright mint green
#74 Blue Breeze – discreet violet-blue
#81 Rose In Love – delicate rose
 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013
There are also two variations of the eyeliners:

  • Magic Eye Liner for €11.50 in #60 Blue Marguerite – metallic midnight blue
  • Soft Eye Liner waterproof for € 6.80 in b#40 Mercury Blue – dark blue
  • Sensitive Fine Liner – €9.50 in black #01

And of course the finishing touch, the Mascara also in two variations:

  • All In One Mascara – €13.80 – #01 Black
  • Amazing Effect Mascara – €10.80 in #01 Black

II. Products for the Lips
There are also quite a wide range of products to choose from. There are of course lipsticks, lip liners and others.

1. Hydra Lip Color – €9.50

#08 Hydra Soft Coral – bright coral
#10 Hydra Soft Pink – decent rosewood

 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013
2. Perfect Color Lipstick – €9.50

#18 Innocent Kiss – nude
#61 Orange Tulip – orange

3. Art Couture Lipstick – €13.80

#258 Cream Sweet Red – shiny rosewood
#265 Cream Spring Fever dark rosewood

4. Soft Lip Liner Waterproof – €6.80

#72 Orange Tulip – burnt orange
#76 Sweet Red – strong rosewood
 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013
III. Other
In the category of others fall the products for the cheeks – Blusher – €8.50 in #38 Fresh Love, which is a fresh peach with a subtle gold shimmer; High Performance Liquid Foundation in # 15 eflecting vanilla; and of course Ceramic Nail Polish – €7.50

#235 Spring Is In The Air – shimmering turquoise blue
#245 Iridescent Butterfly Wings – iridescent violet-blue-gold
#248 Spring Fever Pink – garish pink
#264 Shimmering Orange Crush – rich orange
#266 Iridescent Pink – warm caramel
#271 Shade of Innocence – light brown
 Artdeco collection for Spring 2013
That is quite impressive, don’t you think?

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