Another 5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

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Makeup mistakes can happen for various reasons but there are ways to avoid them. It’s always best to do makeup in well illuminated room with natural lighting to be able to see all the colors as they are. Also to avoid some of the makeup mishaps it’s important to choose makeup that matches your skin tone and undertones.

Another 5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

How To Avoid These 5 Makeup Mistakes:

Wrong Shade Concealer

Mismatched foundation and concealer can make the concealer patches visible. Make sure the concealer is just a bit lighter than the foundation shade but never go much lighter as the concealer will show as white patches on the skin. It can be visible especially under the eyes if it’s used to cover up the dark circles.

Applying Makeup in Unnatural Lighting

Unnatural lighting doesn’t show off all the details of our makeup right. It’s dim and unreliable. Try to set up your makeup spot near the window so that every time you applied makeup it turned out and looked exactly as it should. Also the dimmer the light the more makeup we tend slap on.

Overdoing Blush

Blush can help bring healthy color to the face but when it’s too much then it’s too much. First off, make sure the blush color suits your skin tone. When applying blush make sure to simply touch the cheeks with color blending it well so it sort of mixed with the foundation rather than being drawn over it.

Bronzer Madness

Too much bronzer doesn’t give that golden glow but rather makes the skin look too heavy and almost metallic. Use bronzer brush to touch up your face just a little bit to get the glow thing instead of a bronze coat thing.

Outlining Lips Beyond Borders

Never a good look. It is noticeable even in the photos, so imagine how it looks in real life. Rather drawing new lips in an attempt to make the plumper go with the lip gloss and ditch the darker shades of lipstick. Also always choose lip liner ideally matching to your lipstick shade.

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