All You Need To Know About Strobing

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Correcting makeup, contouring, and now strobing are all the techniques for the same goal of having a perfectly-shaped face and a flawless complexion. And while contouring has been reigning as a sole go-to technique for a chiseled sculpted look everything changes, and the new makeup trends arise and emerge.

Things To Know About Strobing

Jennifer Lopez

J Lo has been strobing for years

Strobing isn’t exactly new. Jennifer Lopez has been doing it for years and still employs highlighter to emphasize her cheeckbones and glow like a star. If you want to recreate her look here is what you’ll need:

1. Highlighter. It is the main product for strobing so choose something that’s not too flashy but still shows on your skin. Watch out for undertones and try out a few products before choosing the one.

2. Dewy concealer. Concealer and everything else is really up to you. Whatever you choose to create a flawless complexion will do. Just be sure all your makeup is of right shade and blended carefully.

Prep your face by moisturizing it and applying foundation, concealer, or powder. Make sure all the harsh lines are blended out well and the makeup doesn’t show too much on your face. You’re gonna have to layer up makeup so you need each layer to be perfectly smooth and right.

If you’ve used a highlighter before you know the rules. Apply it only to the highest points of your face where the light touches it. It’s the nose bridge, the tip of the nose, the cupid’s bow, the temples, and the brow bone. Avoid highlighting the chin though as it may work for the runway but in real life might look like you’ve just eaten something greasy.


Strobing is accentuating your features in a much easier way than countouring

Blending is the key here. You don’t want any streaks or drops of product just sitting on your face. You definitely don’t want a thick highlighter layer on your face either as it will stand out and look very unnatural. It should be blended with the rest of your makeup including foundation, concealer, and blush. That is why liquid, dewy products are better than powdered ones if you are looking for a natural dewy glow, of course, it can prove problematic for those with oily skin. In this case use matte products and a powder form highlighter to prevent the oily sheen.

Strobing is easy and can be mastered in a matter of hours. Two key rules here are to apply highlighter only to certain parts of your face and blend, blend, blend. It’s definitely more achievable and less expensive than countouring.

Just like countouring is being used to give body thinner appearance, strobing is also employed to fake a more defined body. Though we think a bit of diet and exercise never hurt anybody and will naturally make your skin smoother and clearer.

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