9 Tricks For Perfect Makeup

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Makeup is very essential in a life of a contemporary woman. If you are a beginner in that and want to look fabulous here you will find 9 ultimate tricks for applying a perfect makeup, so stick around and learn from us.

9 Tips For Applying Perfect Makeup

9 Tips For Perfect Makeup

Applying Blush

1. Skin Hydration

One of the first steps in applying perfect makeup is the skin hydration. It is very easy but very important: wash your face and only then start hydrating your skin with moisturizers.

2. Primer

Second step in applying perfect makeup is to use a primer that will ensure that the concealer and foundation stay for longer periods of time.  It will last longer and makes pores look smaller.

3. Concealer

Concealers are used for problematic places, such as red spots, blemishes or dark circles or pouches under the eyes. Gently pat the concealer on the needed areas and make sure to blend it with skin.

4. Foundation

Now it is time to apply the foundation. It may come in various tints, but it is important to choose the one that is close to your natural skin tone. Apply the foundation on the face and the neck area, merging it with the neck line. The foundation makes the skin appear flawless and balanced.

5. Contouring

The contouring process is essential for hiding minor imperfections. Usually for this purposes bronzers and highlighters are used. Bronzers should be a warmer hue that is darker than natural skin tone, highlighters are generally brighter. Bronzers are used for the areas under the cheekbones, while highlighters are used on the cheekbone area.

6. Blush

To make your cheekbones stand out use some blush over them. Don’t exaggerate it by going with very bright blush hues. Blush is used for a rosy natural appearance, but it is important to be moderate in that.

7. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are equally important, so make sure to highlight them as well with special eyebrow pencils. Defined eyebrows make the eyes stand out and highlight the eye color.

8. Defining the Eyes

Eyeliner and eye shadow help to define the look of your eyes. Of course it mostly depends on what kind of makeup you need. If you need a day time makeup – use subtle tones. Quite the opposite is the situation for the evening makeup. Don’t forget to highlight your eyes with a mascara.

8. Lips

Lips are essential in finishing up the look. For a daytime makeup use more natural hues of a lip gloss or a lipstick. If you want to add some drama, use bolder colors, but remember that red is always classic.

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