5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

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5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

There are always many things to keep in mind during wedding if you want it to be near perfect. So in order not to end up looking garish on wedding photos try to avoid some of the following wedding makeup mistakes. But first keep in mind some basic rules: do not overdo, if you are having a classic wedding you most likely wear a white wedding dress, which requires light or mildly contrasting makeup look, so it means no glitter, not chunky one at least. A couple of rhinestones are acceptable but only if they match makeup. Opt for classy look and matte look in order to look good in pictures and on the event.

Wedding makeup mistake #1

5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Not all makeup looks you can find in the glossy magazine will suit your eye color, shape, and size. Instead find a trusted professional who will help you choose a flattering makeup look that will match your face and wedding dress and accessories.

On the other hand, if you don’t usually wear makeup try it beforehand and if you still feel uncomfortable just freshen up before your wedding. Clear mascara and lip balm will help you enhance your natural beauty.

Wedding makeup mistake #2

5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Do not make your bridesmaids wear the same makeup. It will look unflattering because everyone has different eye color, complexion and skin tone. Again the help of the professional will help you create the looks that will flatter your wedding party and keep them in one theme.

Also do not force your next of kin or friends wear makeup if are not used to it. Why create additional stress for them and you?

Wedding makeup mistake #3

5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Even if you asked for a long-stay makeup don’t ditch your supply beauty tools in case if you cry or sweat and will need a quick makeup fix. Take blotting tissues, powder, and lipstick with you.

Wedding makeup mistake #4

5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Ditch lip gloss as it is sticky and if you wear bangs you’ll constantly have to tear them from your lips. Not a nice perspective, right? Stick to creamy or matte lipstick.

Wedding makeup mistake #5

5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Over dew makeup will make you look greasy on the pictures. Add some highlight to the cheekbones, but go with matte look as your dewy makeup will grow greasy with all the dancing, especially if it’s a warm season.

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