5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

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Eyeliener is a great way to accentuate the eyes. But it’s also possible to create a wearable but fresh and creative eyeliner design that will not only accentuate the eyes but also make for a great makeup look.

Different Color Eyeliner

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

Use different eyeliners for upper and lower lids. It’s fresh but still wearabl. Choose colors that go well together and complement your eye color. You can use different eyeshadow instead of eyeliner to get the two-toned look.

Double Eyeliner

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

Take eyeliner in two colors, say regular black and a colored one and draw two lines that flatter your eye shape. First outline the eye with black eyeliner for definition. Then try to accurately create the second line above the first one. Dot the line before drawing it to make it easier to get a precise shape.

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

A more wearable variant.

Inner Corner Eyeliner

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

Inner corner eyeliner looks great especially in colored version. The thing is to leave the outer corners of the eyes without eyeliner.

Barely There Eyeliner

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

At Cannes Barbara Palvin was spotted wearing barely there eyeliner under her eyes which looks great. The key to pulling it off is to create a thin fine line.

Scalloped Eyeliner

5 Wearable Creative Eyeliner Ideas

The BeautyDepartment team has created a new type of eyeliner and it’s trendy as it can be. It’s scalloped. Self-made scalloped stencil and electric blue eyeliner were used to create this playful but wearable look. Fun!

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    awesome and wonder ideas about eyeliners surly i will try them thank you so much , keep it up

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