5 Tips On Using Primer

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Primers have become must-haves for flawless everyday makeup. There are clear primers as well as tinted ones that help reduce any unwanted colors in your skin and even out the surface to prep it for any other product. Though helpful in prolonging makeup wear primers aren’t mandatory for everyone, especially for those with smooth skin or skin allergies and conditions like contact dermatitis.

5 Primer Tips To Know

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Use It (A Bit)

Seriously, many don’t bother using any kind of primer on their face, lids, or lips, which makes makeup look unnatural and really noticeable, whereas makeup is supposed to hide blemishes and highlight your best features. So use primer before foundation. First of all, it will glide better onto the skin and secondly, if it’s a good primer it will protect your skin from the sun and your makeup will also last longer. But beware using too much of the stuff as it can conflict with your foundation and other makeup.

Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer can really intensify and even change even if slighly the color of eyeshadows. If you opt for a light base your dark shadows will become lighter and the bright ones brighter. But if you opt for a darker base your dark shadows will look darker. The main purpose of any eyeshadow primer though is to make the product last longer, prevent creasing, and crumbling. You can also use matte neutral eyeshadow as your primer. It will help your pencil eyeliner stay intact longer.

Lipstick Primer

Lipstick primer is also great if you are striving to make the color last throughout the day. Though there are many more tricks to make lipstick last even longer. You can also use your lip balm as lip primer. Let it sit for ten minutes to get perfectly hydrated and smooth lips.


You can create your own primer at home using moisturizer as a base. Adding a bit of foundation or powder will give you the base for your makeup. You can also add sunscreen for skin protection.

Set It With Powder

Setting your makeup with translucent or other kind of powder is always a good thing as it helps makeup stay intact and last longer without sliding anywhere or coming off.

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