5 Powder Tips For Flawless Complexion

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Powder is another great tool beside foundation and concealer for achieving a flawless complexion. If you prefer matte makeup and need only light coverage, powder can give you just that. Before buying one though be sure to try different formulas and find the color that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Powder Tricks For Flawless Complexion

Model holds a powder and brush

Press & Roll

Don’t just swipe and dust your face with powder. To really set your makeup or give you the coverage, press and roll the puff against the skin. You can also use sponge for better coverage. This will also prevent that mask face the powder can give you.

Color Correct

If you have bought foundation lighter than your skin you can color correct using a powder of darker tone.

Powder Up Strategically

It’s not always a good idea dusting your whole face in powder. Just like foundation powder is suppose to even out the skin and disguise blemishes and imperfections. Using too much can only highlight imperfections or make the face flat as a mask. Remember where we apply luminizer a.k.a highlighter? Well be sure to be very careful when powdering those areas.

Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is great not only for those who want a glowy model skin but also women of older age who don’t want their powder setting into those fine lines.

Keep Powder Dry, Tools Clean

If you want your powder to perform best at all times you should really provide the conditions. First of all, loose powder or any kind of powder for that matter is better kept in dry places where humidity won’t affect its qualities. Another thing that can affect the product performance is oils from our skin. As we apply powder the puff, brush, or a sponge gather our skin’s oils affecting the powder. Be sure to always clean up your tools for performance and hygiene’s sake.

It is also a good practice to blot face before applying powder, especially if you’re applying it with a puff that you keep with the powder.

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