5 Party Makeup Looks

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Holidays are approaching and we offer some ideas for creating the party look according to latest trends. But no matter what’s hip now the best thing to go with is what suits you and makes you feel gorgeous and confident.

Party Makeup Ideas

Voluminous Lashes

5 Party Makeup Looks

Focus on the eyes with this amazing makeup look from Gucci Spring 2013 show. The eyelids are covered in bronze brown eyeshadow and accentuated with big false eyelashes. Coat the lower lashes in mascara too for an amazing gaze.

Berry/Wine Red/Vampy Lips

5 Party Makeup Looks

It’s the biggest trend but you should also have to pull it off. Start with choosing the right shade of lipstick. For prolonged wear don’t forget to fill in the lips with lip liner. Keep your eye makeup soft and subtle with some neutral eyeshadow or mascara only.

Go for Pink

5 Party Makeup Looks

Pink is a great alternative for classic red. Go for a hot pink lipstick look and finish with some neutral and soft eye makeup that will only accentuate the eyes but won’t clash with the bright lip like Kristen Stewart here or Hayden Panettiere.

Eye Color Matching Liner

5 Party Makeup Looks

To accentuate the color of your eyes go for a eye color matching eyeliner and apply it to the waterline. At Stella McCartney models wore aqua eyeliner on their waterline while Carly Rae Jepsen tried the similar look with some highlighter and mascara.

Impeccable Winged Eyeliner

5 Party Makeup Looks

Winged eyeliner is certainly a classic. This Keira Knightley’s look is simply hard to forget. The key here of course the perfectly drawn winged liner completed with lavender white eyeshadow, curled lashes coated in mascara and a frosty pink lipstick. You can forgo the lip color or go for a classic red if you wish.

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