5 New Ways to Remove Makeup

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5 New Ways to Remove Makeup

Removing makeup doesn’t actually require special makeup products. You can easily wash off any type of makeup using natural ingredients. Moreover, these new ways will not only remove your makeup, but make your skin soft and silky.

How to Remove Makeup Naturally

  • Olive oil is one of the greatest natural ways to remove makeup easily and effectively. It works especially great on dry skin. Due to the softening agents it contains, olive oil is considered to be an amazing healing-skin remedy.
  • Milk is another natural way to get rid of mascara or eyeliner. Just moisten a cotton pad in a small amount of milk and wipe it over your makeup. It is quick, effective and natural! Make sure you learn other beauty benefits of milk>>
  • You won’t believe, but chapstick can be a wonderful way to remove makeup when there is no makeup remover at your fingertips. Apply a bit onto your lids and rub gently with a cotton pad. Try and you’ll see your makeup come off easily.
  • Baby oil is an amazing way to remove makeup. It even works greatly with a waterproof mascara! Beside baby oil, you can easily use baby wipes to remove makeup. Baby wipes are so gentle that you shouldn’t worry about irritating.
  • Almond milk is another great remedy to remove makeup easily. Just apply a bit of almond milk onto a cotton pad and wipe your face in a circular motions until makeup is off. Maybe you will require a couple of tries to remove all the makeup.
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