5 Myths About Harmful Effects Of Makeup

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Make up is intended to make our skin beautiful and healthy. But there are certain myths which claim that cosmetic products do more harm than good. Let’s now talk about the most common myths relating makeup to understand what is right what is wrong.

5 Myths About Harmful Effects Of Makeup2

Myth #1. Lipstick contains extremely high level of lead.

Fact: Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrance Association, CTFA have tested lipsticks of many brands and revealed that the amount of lead that comes to our organism with cosmetic products is much smaller than that with meals, water and air.

Myth #2. Antiperspirants as well as deodorants can cause breast cancer. They contain carcinogens and lead to accumulation of toxins in breast lymph glands.

Fact: American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute have deflated these rumors. Lymph glands remove toxins from organism through kidneys and liver, not sudoriferous glands. It has been scientifically proved that deodorants and antiperspirants can cause allergies but not cancer.

5 Myths About Harmful Effects Of Makeup1

Myth #3. Some surface active substances ruin the skin.

Fact: It has been experimentally proved that regular skin cleansing with substances containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate leads to the increase of skin sensitiveness. The component ruins the protective barrier and accumulates in skin cells.

Long-term usage of cleansing products with surface active substances can lead to skin dryness, peelings, hair loss, comedo occurrence, dermatitis.

Although experts admit surface active substances are safe in cleansing products which are typically washed off with water, they do not recommend them to people suffering acne, dermatitis, skin dryness or hair loss.

Reference: The most popular surface active substances – Sodium Lauryl Sul and Sodium Laureth Sulfate – can be present in detergents – shampoos, liquid soap, shower gels as well as some cosmetic emulsions and even toothpastes. They are used because they are cheap and provide effective foam and cleansing.

5 Myths About Harmful Effects Of Makeup

Myth # 4. Preservatives in cosmetics are harmful for the skin.

Fact: Preservatives are necessary as they protect the skin from gems. Cream container is an ideal place for germs to live. There is everything germs need: water, nutrients (fat, proteins and carbohydrates), oxygen for aerobes (in open containers) and no oxygen for anaerobes (in closed containers).

Myth # 5. Dyes and synthetic odorants are hrmful for organism.

Fact: Both synthetic and natural odorants can cause allergies. Those dyes which contain components based on coal-tar resin are very harmful. Such components are present in black hair dyes. Although experts have often told that these dyes are dangerous no substitutes have been found yet.

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