5 Minutes Left Before Outing

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If the time presses you, but you still want to look presentable, then use the rapid procedure of the evening make up. It’s obviously not the best time for the experiments, that’s why you should do a simple one that can be applied under time pressure minimizing all kinds of fuss.

5 Minutes Left Before Outing2

5 minutes left

Take a combination of foundation and powder (it’ll provide you with neutral face cover twice as faster) and put all round the face including eyelids and lips. That’ll allow keeping the make up for the whole evening.

4 minutes left

Use a pencil to apply the shadows quicker and easier. Choose the brown hue that’ll emphases the color of your eyes and will bring expressiveness to your look. Work up the whole eyelid surface with it.

Beautiful Lips with Flower

3.5 minutes left

The fastest method to smoothing out the shadows is to apply the semitransparent powder. You’ll be able to dim their colors and shade the sharp bounds this way.

2.5 minutes left

Apply a layer of mascara along the lower and upper ones as well. The lower lashes are better to be done by the spiral tip of the mascara brush as it’ll prevent them against sticking together and you’ll save your time that you’ve got used to spend onto the combing the lashes.

1.5 minutes left

Warm blush of red-berry tint will bring rich colors to your skin. Put them on with the help of blush brush directing it according to your face shape type blush applying.

5 Minutes Left Before Outing

30 seconds left

Give your lips the bright calling hue with a berry colored lipstick putting it directly to the lips with an applicator. First goes the lower lip. Then press the lips tightly to each other to let the lipstick color to imprint onto the upper one. Quickly touch up the omitted spots on the lips and start your way out!

The main thing is to stay calm and self-confident if you are in a rush or there is something that you didn’t manage to do. Lift your head up proudly and don’t let any one think that the make-up you’ve done is in the way you didn’t want it to be.

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