5 Makeup Tips That Will Help Update Your Look For New Year

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Makeup is a tricky thing. It can make you look like a totally different person or it can seriously amplify your natural features but flawless application is necessary for whatever look you are trying to achieve.


Keep It Tight

When it comes to defining the eyes it is important to keep the eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible. You might even find it helpful filling in the space between lashes with pencil first. Some also apply pencil liner to the upper waterline, which helps eye makeup look neater and more professional.

Under eye eyeliner

Be Subtle

Since many women are wearing eyeliner on a daily basis it’s important we make a note of this as well. When applying eyeliner to the lower lid don’t leave it there just hovering between a cool trendy undereye application and a subtle outline. A harsh line close to lashes makes for an old-fashioned aging look. Either take it down a notch like they do for the runway or blend the line bringing it closer to lashes in order to soften the look and create that doe-eyed makeup.

coconut oil

Use What You’ve Got

Remember the rule of not skipping moisturizer before applying foundation? Well, the rule still stands but instead of a cream try using a natural oil like coconut or olive on a soft tissue or toilet paper. Scrub gently around the driest spots that tend to sport patches of scales to remove and moisturize them at the same time. This will not only help clean out your skin but also smooth out your complexion for makeup application.


Prevent Creasing

Foundation and concealer may not be the best eyeshadow base (try worst) since they cause the product to crease. Use a specially designed formula to make your eyeshadow pop and also last longer.


Lipstick Unlimited

You don’t have to stick to just one lipstick anymore. You can play with reds and pinks, for instance, to create a visually fuller lip (red as primary color, pink in the middle). You can also apply it to the middle of the lips and blend out to create a stained/ombre look.

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