5 Makeup Mistakes: How to Bar From Them

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Nothing transforms a woman so much as a beloved man and… make up. Let’s use this advantage wisely and avoid some stupid mistakes. There can be a lot of them but usually there are 5 the most spread. Well, one after another.

1. Wrong toner hue.

A woman who uses the wrong toner is easy to see in the crowd: the collar of her blouse is always dirty all over with toner. It means that she applied it onto the neck skin as well in order to match the face skin tone with the neck one.

Makeup Foundation

Remember, if the makeup foundation changes the skin color of the face, you’ve put on the wrong tint. The right toner hue should exactly coincide with the skin tone. To choose the right one you need to apply a bit of toner along the chin line, shade it and watch the result into the mirror in the condition of the natural illumination. The correct hue is the one that won’t stand out against the face skin background.

Help: yellow tints products fit almost everyone unlike the rosy ones. If you are dubious what to buy, opt for the yellowish hues.

2. Blush instead of shadows

At the attempt to spare time on the morning make up, women use very often blush as shadows for eyelids. Stop it! Pink tints of rouge are not orientated for its putting onto the movable eyelid.


Rosy-tinted eyes look tearful, tired and exhausted. If the idea of “plain” makeup is likable to you, then purchase the combined shadows-blush of beige or golden tints – they will bring you a well groomed look.

Shadows for every day use are pretty advantageous as you can easily improve the eye shapes. To achieve the ideal you need to choose the right tint.

3. Accurate lips line

To use the lip pencil of two or three tones darker than the lipstick tone is not in fashion and not natural. This way of outlining creates the feeling of “a ring” around the lips as if you’ve just drunk a cup of cacao and forgot to wipe the lips with a tissue.

Lip Liner

For the natural makeup try the lipstick tone (or a tone darker) for your lips. Emphasize the lips line after the lipstick application but not before it. Use a special brush to shade the liner lines.

4. Redundance of lip gloss

Some years ago the lip gloss has supplanted the traditional lipstick: it’s easy and quicker to put on, there are lots of shades and its light and transparent foundation gave gloss and chic to the most neutral make-up. However, women contrived to overdo with it either. So, remember, the philosophy “the more – the better” doesn’t work here. One lip gloss layer is glamorous, 3-4 – vulgar.

Redundancy of Lip Gloss

Unlike the lipstick, gloss brings volume to the lips and keeps their natural look as well. That’s why it’s the most popular among girls: tender lips create the image of freshness and youth. The older women adore this make-up product as it masks tiny wrinkles around the lips.

5. Drawn eyebrows

The eyebrows should be well-groomed and have the clear form, though some women might try too hard with it. Brows look caricatural
if there is detailed drawing of a separate single hair with a brow pencil, or penciling in a hurry or through ignorance.

Drawn Eyebrows

If you have never faced with these facts then you do well with your make-up. But if some of them are familiar to you then restrain your ardour and try to make-up professionally.

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