5 Lipstick Tricks For Perfect Makeup

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Lipstick is an amazing product. It defines lips, plumps them, changes their color, adds liveliness to the face. It is a perfect way to make a statement. There are also many hues and shades too but the flawless application is the key to pulling off lipstick especially of complicated bright matte textures.

Some basic recommendations for lipstick application you may already know. The lip brush wastes less product and allows more precision, while blotting makes lipstick stay intact rather than traveling to your teeth. Of course, there are more tricks to achieve that runway lip look.

Chapped lips don’t look good but painted chapped lips look even worse. So exfoliate lips with a toothbrush or clean towel and apply moisturizing balm before applying lipstick or even lip gloss. This is the most basic rule you have to always keep in mind if you wear lip products.

Lipstick Tricks For Perfect Bold Lip Look

Red eyeshadow + berry lipstick

Red eyeshadow and berry lipstick combination

Foundation Lip Liner

Lip liner can be a great tool for making lipstick last longer (by filling them with feather strokes before applying lipstick) but today it’s considered to be a bit old-fashioned. For a flawless look prep your lips with a bit of foundation to even out their color with your skin tone. You can use colorless (0r neutral) lip liner or primer to make lipstick last longer and prevent it from bleeding.

Powder & Blot

Blotting lips and applying more coats can really help make lipstick last longer. But you can also use powder between layers of lipstick to create a more intense color as well as prolonging the wear of your fave color.

Pros also use a trick with powder and tissue. They hold tissue over the done lips and apply translucent powder over the tissue-d lips.

Use Lip Brush For Contour

To create a perfect contour it’s best to use a lip brush. It allows you to draw the perfect cupid bow and outline the perfect contour of the lips. You can also use a thin brush with a bit of foundation to erase any unevenness.

Tint Before Lipstick

Lauren Conrad suggests using applying matching tint before painting on lipstick to prevent color fading after hours of wear or eating.

Mix & Match

If you have trouble finding the perfect color, try adding a hue you think your lipstick lacks. Play with layers and proportions and you might end up with just the color you were looking for perfect for your skin tone, hair color, and style.

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