5 Ideas For Pulling Off Glitter

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Glitter is still viewed as a bit childish but there are so many ways to use it beautifully in makeup. And while you may hesitate to wear it like it’s shown here in your every day life, these looks might very well look appropriate during holidays.

How To Pull Off Glitter

Anyone can wear glitter and look amazing. It is all a matter of ‘when’ and sometimes ‘how’. Here are a few ideas on how to wear glitter if you want to just add a bit of shine or really stand out.

Think Angles

Glitter eyes

If you want to look tasteful but festive think about angles where you can use glitter. It can be the inner or outer corners of your eyes, for example. This is a great way to accent your makeup without having glitter overpower your look.

Fire Up Eyelids

Glitter eyelids

Again if you want to simply accentuate, apply glitter only to the middle of your upper or lower eyelid. This will give your gaze a bit of extra shine.

You can do this using glitter, eyeshadow, or eyeliner. But if you want to take it up a notch, here are a few more ideas on how to do it.

Go Big

Chanel Fall 2013

Choose larger glitter to create a runway look so beloved by Chanel. You can replicate the Fall 2013 show look with the large size silver glitter or go for the Spring 2014 look with a black cat eye enhanced with a gorgeous undereye glitter line.

Color Combos

Glitter makeup

Usually one type of glitter is the best choice but if you are going to combine colors (even if it’s eyeshadow and glitter of different color) then go for the tried and tested ones like gold and emerald, black and gold, silver and blue. You can combine silver and gold glitter together though.

Keep It On The Eyes

Thierry Mugler Spring 2012

Keeping glitter on the eyes is usually a great idea but with all the runway looks featuring glitter lips it might be tempting to try the look for the holidays. Well, if you must, consider the circumstances. Will eat or drink? Then glitter lips might be a problem. Otherwise, choose the most flattering color as opposed to the trendy colors as glitter lips might not always look as pretty.

Eyebrow glitter

Big glitter


Gold glitter

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