5 Eyeliner Tricks For Perfect Look

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Eyeliner is a huge trend this coming season but as with almost all makeup products it’s not that easy to apply. There are certain nuances and tricks to perfect eyeliner application as well as there are different types of eyeliner. To master this amazing and truly fabulous product you’ll need these five tricks that will help you achieve perfect look whether you’re aiming for sexy cat eye or winged makeup.

You may already know some eyeliner tricks and nuances like that black eyeliner in waterline makes your eyes smaller while the white one opens up your gaze. Also lining your upper waterline can create an illusion of fuller lashes. You can also create a slightly different shape of your eyes using eyeliner.

Eyeliner Tricks For Your Perfect Makeup

Applying eyeliner

Expert eyeliner application

Concealer Keeps Eyeliner in Shape

Concealer can be a great helper when eliminating dark circles under eyes but it can also keep your eyeliner looking sharp.

Eyeshadow Keeps Pencil Eyeliner From Fading

…at least for a couple of hours. Eyeshadow can act as a primer that absorbs excess oils and moisture from your lids that make the pencil eyeliner melt and smudge. If you don’t like liquid eyeliners this can be a go trick for you. Also if you apply eyeshadow on top of your liner it will not only prolong its life but will also add a hint of different color.

Dropped Eyeliner

Dropped eyeliner can be used in so many different ways. I have a bit of heavy eyelids and the whole line doesn’t work for me so I start drawing it almost at the middle of the upper eyelid. For a doe-eyed look though try the dropped line on your lower lid in combination of the whole line on your upper lid.

Use Cutip For Perfect Wings

Cutips can not only help you erase any mistakes but they can be very useful in creating a perfect wing. I discovered this trick when I used the cutip to correct my eyeliner and what I ended up, when I tried to erase the unsightly flick, was a perfect sketch line. Since the cutip did not pick up all of the product it created a perfect flick I needed. Draw the line all the way up to the outer corner of the eye and use a slightly moist cutip as if it was a pencil to finish your flick. Then fill in the sketch line with more color.

Don’t Stretch Lids During Application

This. If you were trying to get a perfect wing all this time but couldn’t, it was probably because you stretched the skin during application.

Just Cavalli Spring 2014 show, backstage

Smudged eyeliner at Just Cavalli Spring 2014 show, backstage

Tracy Reese Spring 2014 show, backstage

Eyeliner plus highlighter at Tracy Reese Spring 2014 show, backstage

House of Holland Spring 2014 show, backstage

Eyeliner and magenta lipstick at House of Holland Spring 2014 show, backstage

Kenneth Cole Spring 2014 show

Metallic green eyeliner at Kenneth Cole Spring 2014 show

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