5 Cool Alternative Smokey Eyes

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If you want to stand out this holiday season an alternative smokey eye can give you the attention and the wow effect. The makeup artists have created a few gorgeous looks based on the classic smokey eye makeup giving it a new trendy twist.

Alternative Smokey Eyes

Marissa Webb Spring 2015 smokey eye

Marissa Webb Spring 2015

Grunge Smokey Eye

Grunge smokey eye looked super cool at Marissa Webb Spring/Summer 2015 show. The makeup artist used highlighter on the cheekbones and nose bridge as well as the inner corners of the eyes, which gives the grundge makeup a bit of chic. Don’t blend the dark eyeshadow or pencil (depending on what you’ll use to create smokey eye) to perfection but let it stain the lid artfully messy and blend the roughest angles away.

Red eyeshadow

Red creamy smokey eye


Red eyeshadow is generally hard to pull off so with smokey eye it will definitely be a challenge. The skin has to become a perfect smooth canvas without a flaw before red color touches the eyes. The red should be dusty rather than bright and can go together with black. It also looks better in creamy texture.

Blue eyeshadow

Bright blue smokey eye


Blue is the hit of the season. It can be eyeshadow, eyeliner, or even a mascara but you can also go for a smokey eye. It will definitely look good on blue eyes especially. Choose a shade that suits you, don’t go for a clownish light powdery blue though.

Guy Laroche Spring 2015 smokey eye

Guy Laroche Spring 2015


Purple is another great hue for a smokey eye. Again go for dusty shades and pair with dark eyeliner if you want more depth. Be sure to earse any hint of dark circles first.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015 smokey eye

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015

Brown & Creamy

Brown smokey eye as seen at Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani Spring 2015 shows is also quite popular. Add creamy texture and you get a whole new look.

Giles Spring 2015 smokey eye

Giles Spring 2015 

At Giles Spring 2015 show the classic smokey eye was reimagined so that the darkest parts of it concentrated in the inner corners of the eyes as the opposite of the outer corners as we are used to.

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