5 Concealer Tricks You Need To Know

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Concealer can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you wear it. If your application skills aren’t pro-like, it’s time to learn a few tricks that will make your life a bit easier and your face a bit brighter.

5 Must-Know Concealer Tips

Professional concealer application

Professional concealer application with a brush and concealer palette

Spread Concealer Along Nose

It’s not unknown that your concealer must be the right shade in order to fulfill all of your beauty goals and aspirations for flawless skin. But did you know you should apply concealer downward from your eyes and along your nose to really erase the dark circles? Imagine that you draw an inverted triangle under your eye to better understand what we’re talking about here. Also make sure to work the inside corners of your eye sockets for a truly bright look.

Concealer vs. Highlighting Pen

Sometimes highlighting pens are advertised as concealers and sometimes they can even perform as such. But it all depends on your needs. These two things are essentially different. The first one gives more coverage and is intended to cover blemishes, dark circles, and spider veins while the latter is meant to give face that radiant glow. While the highlighter pen may work for someone whose dark circles aren’t that bad, concealer is more effective for, well, concealing stuff, while highlighter will make your face brighter.

Use Different Colors

Concealers often come in same shades as foundation, which sometimes makes these two interchangeable. It doesn’t mean they don’t have undertones though and that’s what you should pay attention to. If dark circles ruin your look opt for warm shades with yellow undertones as they will counteract the purple in your skin. On the other hand, if you have unwanted orange in your skin go for blue. Sometimes color correcting concealer products are just more effective.

Primer Before Concealer

Using primer before concealer can help you avoid that look we mentioned above when conealer gets into all the creases and wrinkles under your eyes. There are special primers for the area under eyes.

Concealer Over Foundation

Last but not least, if you use foundation and concealer together make sure the former goes on first and concealer is just used to fix all the missed spots. This way your look will appear more seamless.

Whether you apply concealer with fingers or brush is a matter of taste but some people find that blending is easier with the brush, so if you never used it you might want to try it and see if it works for you unless, of course, the finger method satisfies your beauty goals.

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