4 tips for smoky eyes

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Smoky eyes’ effect is a great magnetic bewitching force!


Looking at the celebs’ stunning make-up we long for the chance to have it or to know how to do it by ourselves.

Make up artist & top stylist from Helena Rubinstein gives the advices on the point.

Smoky eyes procedure order:

1. You should know that Smoky Eyes effect fits all the face shapes. Just remember that it should be adopted according to your eyes’ shape.

smokey eyes

2. Pencil the eye round, drawing the line from the temple to the bridge of the nose. The line should be as close to the inner eyelid edge as possible otherwise you risk looking like a panda. Shade the pencil accurately.
3. Put the color-fit-eye-shadow right on the penciled line. Eye shadow is to fix the created effect and to add the smoky savour to your eyes.
4. Finish the make-up by abundant mascaraing.

Now remember:

1. Don’t pencil the eyes too much! The guarantee of beauty is the accurate shading!

2. Chose brown, black or grey colors – they’re perfect for the effect.

3. The counter you want to pencil depends on the image you want to create.

The mistakes to avoid:

1. Too much shaded penciled line (you are looking like panda again)
2. Too much eye shadow.
3. Dirty circles around your eyes. Start the make-up applying first and then go to toning.

Now smoky eyes effect is in your hands! Everything depends on your imagination.

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8 Responses to “4 tips for smoky eyes”
  1. Lisa Says:

    Those directions are simple and awesome! I’ve watched videos after videos and became overwhelmed watching it. But this… this is simple as 1,2,3! It just takes practice =]

  2. verona Says:


  3. Selena Says:

    love this!

  4. jihan Says:

    luv it

  5. zuk Says:

    its great love it

  6. Jessica Says:

    I Love smokey eyes

  7. sarah-Jean Says:

    totally lovinqq thee site yo

  8. Badal Sunaina Says:

    i just adore it,trying to do the same to my eyes but can’t follow it good,so not the best result till now 4 me.keep it up

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