3 Rules For Perfect Brows

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You can spend half a day on making stunning make up, but remember perfect complete image is impossible without nice eyebrows. Now I’m going to give you a tip on how to have just-right form and color of the brows.


The creation of the look is set in with the brows appearance, according to the competent makeup artists. If they are of the indistinct shape, they can spoil even one of the best and flawless make ups.

But you can achieve a staggering effect, if eyebrows are formed the way they should be. Skilfully corrected brows open your eyes, deepen your look and help bring your face shapes to the ideal.

So, here they are: 3 main rules of startling eyebrows.

1. Brows shouldn’t meet on the nose bridge. To be honest, even men’s merged eyebrows produce an impression of gloomy ones, though someone can consider it look manly. Anyway, the eyebrows should be on the strictly allowed places.

2. Brows should lie smoothly, but not bristle as a non-cut hedge. It is inadmissible to have certain hair pucker beyond the brow line.


3. Brows should match the whole image not living their own life on your face. They shouldn’t draw some extra attention and dominate on the face. Surely you can back off this rule only if you are getting ready to the Halloween party or if you are a runway model for an ecstatic couturier.

After you’ve read the above-mentioned, go to the mirror and examine your eyebrows carefully. What is your opinion of what expression they bring to your face? Are they thick and strict (though it’s a super-puper Fall-Winter 2009/2010 trend) or perhaps they are too thin and pale?

If your conclusion is your brows are badly in need for the correction, read further.

Get to plucking

That’s not so difficult in fact. The thickest part of the brow should be near the bridge of the nose. Then it goes a bit narrowed till the upper arch point and smoothly thins to the ends.

Their shape usually does the natural superciliary arch set a little bit lower. Follow this natural arch and you’ll get the perfect-to-your-face-shape brows as a result.


To give the eyebrows the necessary tint, apply any fixating gels, corrective pencils or shadows. Pencils and shadows are better to be the same hues of your hair color or 1-2 tints darker.

Don’t draw one straight line when coloring the brows. It’s much better to put light strokes imitating hair using sharpened pencil. Don’t overdo with it, because too much colored eyebrows bring some vulgarity to the image.

What I like about us-women is that we never stop searching and perfecting.

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