3 Easiest Halloween Makeup Looks

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We love elaborate makeup looks as much as the next person but not everyone has the skill to pull off a celeb face makeup or something more Halloween-like, so we looked for the easiest to do looks for those who want in on the fun but still haven’t mastered the skill of makeup.



If you haven’t watched Mad Max Fury Toad, stop reading and go watch it now! Because there you’ll see not only amazing visuals (that were shot in real time) and lots of cool action but also Charlize Theron as Furiosa, whose look is easy to replicate for some Halloween fun.

All you need is black or raher dark blue eyeshadow with just a bit of sparkle. You’ll have to do something about the hair though. A very sleek low ponytail or bun maybe?

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Comic book fans know how easy it is to get Harley Quinn look. Pigtails and red lips are mandatory.  The rest is up to you. We’re loving the Arkham game series Harley wih her red and black dip dyed hair and heavy smokey eyes.

Saw puppet


Jigsaw from Saw is a great xample of easy costume makeup. Smokey eyes, red lips, and squiggles on apples of the cheeks. Some contact lenses may be in order. And you’re all set to sow fear and terror.

What look would you like to replicate for Halloween?

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