10 make-up tricks

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The fact that many women who apply make-up every day and do not know all the tricks of using it is not surprising. We seem to know everything but when it comes to little details it turns out that we fail to deal with them. However, this is no longer a problem as experts are going to share these tips and tricks with you.


1. The first advice is about eye make-up. If there is no volume mascara when you need it urgently it is possible to use loose powder to achieve the effect you want.


All you need to do is to apply some powder over your lashes and then use the mascara you have. The result will amaze you; your eyelashes will look luscious as if you’ve applied volume mascara!

To make your eyes look more open and shining it is advised to apply white nacreous eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye, on the upper and lower eyelids.

2. To improve your make-up before an important evening meeting or a date use a moist paper tissue.

Blot your face with it, this way removing the top layer of dust and your powder mixed during the day.

Then powder your face avoiding applying too many layers as your face might look like a mask.

Stay away from applying additional layers of mascara on your lashes during the day for it will likely to crumble by the evening.

3. Business woman’s make-up should be energetic. You can achieve that with the help of matted lipstick of bright tints.

Such hues will complement a nice business suit and make you look more feminine.

To make your appearance less formal apply lip gloss over the lipstick.


4. For a natural look of your make-up apply toner directly on the cleansed skin without any cream base. Then use powder and blush.

After that take three ice cubes and pass them over your face skin making circular movements. Do not be afraid to spoil your make-up already applied – each cube should be used until it starts melting. However, do not use this trick too often as your skin will become thinner and can redden

5. Loose tired skin can be revived before applying make-up. Just mix lemon juice with water in equal proportions and wipe your face skin.

The effect can be compared with the one achieved by expensive lifting products. But in case you have dry skin this advice does not work well for you.

6. Make-up of poor quality can spoil the entire view of yours, that’s why try to use special cosmetics made of wax and silicon.

7. To make your make-up look always steady use the following advice:

• Line your eyes after you’ve applied toner and powder on your lids, after that powder the pencil line or apply eye shadow of the same color to fix the line.

• When working with lips apply a thin layer of toner or powder, then line the contours of your lips with pencil and only after that add lipstick with the help of a special brush.


8. The toner should be applied in a thin layer all over the face including eyelids, jaw area and the upper part of the neck. The coverage should not stop sharply. Shade it thoroughly making the edges invisible.

To conceal bruises or dark circles under eyes use toner. Apply it on the dark area and then using the tips of your fingers in touching motions spread the toner all over. When you finish apply loose powder to conceal enlarged pores and other skin problems you may have. To make the toner look more natural on the skin mix it with any moisturizer in 3:2 proportion.

9. Apply the blush. Make the first touch of the brush on your palm to avoid leaving too noticeable trace on the skin.


10. To make the face look fresh apply some blush over the wings of your nose, lobes of your ears and your chin.

All these tricks work great but what is significant – you should really think you look fantastic!

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