Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

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Makeup Foundation is one of the most powerful woman’s beauty weapons. Undoubtedly, no one woman can do without foundation. And even if your complexion is perfect, you shouldn’t neglect foundation appliance for a flawless day makeup look. Thus I’d like to share all the ins & outs of makeup foundation for you to know for certain how foundation should be chosen and applied.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

Well, the main task of makeup foundation is to make your complexion even and self. Thus it is better even not to try to change your natural skin tone with the help of makeup foundation in order not to fall a victim to oh-so-grotty ‘mask’ effect.

So, I’ll start with introducing you to makeup foundation history:

Makeup foundation was, so to say, devised 90 years ago by Max Factor. Working as a Hollywood makeup artist, Max invented the first makeup foundation, unique for those days beauty product that didn’t dry out being brayed.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

Max Factor’s invention at first was appreciated by Hollywood comic actors, and after makeup foundation insinuated itself into everybody’s confidence. Thanks God, the world had Max Factor!

How to Choose Makeup Foundation

Choosing a makeup foundation one should take into account the skin type and tone. The better your skin looks, the thinner foundation consistency should be. And if you have some skin imperfections it’d be better to opt for a foundation with thicker consistency. Another significant property is that makeup foundation should be of high quality, thus it can’t be cheap.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

It is better to test the foundation tone in broad daylight. Apply a bit of foundation to your cheekbone or earlap and in order to feel the difference apply several tones at the same time. And also you must consider that makeup foundation tone shouldn’t differ from the skin tone of your neck.

The best makeup foundation formula is the moisturizing effect plus light texture. Every girl should have two makeup foundations of different shades:  the lighter one is perfect for winter time and the darker-for summer, when skin becomes a little bit tanned.

How to Apply Makeup Foundation

Remember that makeup foundation of high quality shouldn’t be visible being applied. Thus one should apply foundation only after moisturizing cream.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

To get the most natural look, bray foundation, and the thinner film is the more natural look you get.

Makeup Foundation Facts Everyone Should Know

  • Girls, aged 15-25, shouldn’t constantly use makeup foundation as their skin produces enough collagen and thus it always requires oxygen.
  • Every makeup foundation includes protective components that help to protect skin against bad influence of frosty air, wind, dust, and sun rays.
  • There are water-resistant foundations that let girls look perfect while swimming.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

In conclusion, I want to add that there are no women who don’t dream of perfect complexion, and even the most beautiful cover girls have flaws that are to be concealed. Makeup foundation is a right hand there! Having learnt to a nicety the art of foundation appliance, one can get a perfect, even, and fresh complexion.

Makeup Foundation: All the Ins & Outs

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