Look of the week: Olivia Wilde

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Look of the week: Olivia Wilde

As of past week the best look goes to Olivia Wilde at “Tron: Legacy” premiere. Wilde wore a gold sequined Pucci gown with a low oval cut at the neck, loose hair and glowing makeup. Tron: Legacy star looked stunning and beautiful at the blue carpet and definitely has lighted up the premiere.


Look of the week: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s makeup was dewy and glowing. You can achieve that look with a lightweight foundation to even the skin tone and cover up the flaws. The focus was set on the eyes and the rest of the makeup color was evenly distributed between the cheeks and lips.

Wilde’s feline eyes were accentuated with blue eyeliner that matched well with her eye color. White shimmer in the inner corners of her eyes brought luxury to the look while the outer corners of her eyes were coated with rose pink shimmery shadows. Nude glossy lips and rosy cheeks made the look fresh and even.


Look of the week: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde‘s hair is beautiful brown so it matched her gold dress very well. The side-parted loose locks were waved at the ends and a strand of hair covered the half of her forehead. This look is very easy to achieve and it is also low-maintenance. After washing your hair part it at the side and sweep a bit behind your ears. Using the curling iron make waves at the ends and fix with a hairspray with flexible hold for a natural look.

How do you like our look of the week? Olivia Wilde at the Tron: Legacy premiere?

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