Lip Care: How to DIY Lip Balm

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Lips are embodiment of women’s sexuality and radiance. Natural lip care gives our lips beautiful shape, youth, volume and fills them with sensuality. Delicate and sensual, bright and fabulously smooth lips should be the merit of every woman who takes care of herself. But lip skin is very thin and demanding, therefore it requires special care and usual beauty aids wouldn’t be enough to get brilliant results. Thus I’d like to suggest you a wonderful recipe of a lip balm that is very easy to DIY.

Lip Care: How to DIY Lip Balm

To DIY beeswax-based lip balm one will need:

• Half a teaspoon of beeswax
• Half a teaspoon of cacao butter
• Two teaspoon of oil (almond or grapeseed oil, for instance)
• Food flavors
• A lipstick container

Lip Care: How to DIY Lip Balm

Melt all the necessary ingredients using hot-water bath, after add a pinch of coloring agent and aromatizer. If the lip balm turns out to be too soft or vice versa you just can decrease or increase the amount of oils. Pour out the derived mixture in the lipstick container and your own lip balm is ready to use!

This beeswax-based lip balm will make your lips succulent, soft and beautiful, besides it is very easy to DIY.

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