Latest Plastic Surgery Boom or How to Get Curvy Butt

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There’s nothing more tempting than a curvy butt. Thanks God nowadays it’s within reach with the latest plastic surgery procedures! Ladies, welcome the latest plastic surgery boom, the Miami Thong Lift, which was invented by Constantino Mendieta and presented at the conference of British Aesthetic and Plastic surgeons (BAAPS) in London.

According to Constantino Mendieta, there’s been a growing demand in getting a curvier bottom, like that of famous J Lo, or Beyonce. And moreover he added that this demand is expected to grow. Formerly, the usual way to create curvier butt was with the help of silicone implants, similar to those used for breast augmentation. Some people choose to have thigh liposuction to achieve shapely legs to show off their curvy bottoms. You can check and compare the different thigh liposuction cost in your area.

Latest Plastic Surgery Boom or How to Get Curvy Butt

But wait a moment with running like a lamplighter to get curvy butt, as this way could be really risky.

Implants have a tendency to move and, if they get infected, they have to be surgically removed,

the president of BAAPS Rajiv Grover explains.

So instead of this, Mendieta uses fat taken from thighs or belly, which is purified and injected into the layers of muscle of the breech, changing butt shape from “not-so-hot” to uber-curvy and high, like Kim Kardashian’s bum.

Latest Plastic Surgery Boom or How to Get Curvy Butt

The advantage of the fat butt enlargement way is that the surgeon injects fat between layers of muscle, and because of the blood supply less number of fat cells will die.

But of course it is not absolutely safe!

It needs to be done by a very ­experienced surgeon, in a hospital, in ­sterile conditions with good aftercare — if you get an infection it could cause a very large abscess.

Mendieta warns.

But anyway it is undoubtedly safer than implanting, as the fat belongs to the patient, there is no risk of rejection. But you are to have that here FAT to get this magical Miami Thong Lift. Therefore if your size is 6 or so, this plastic surgery boom is not for you. But don’t give up, as the procedure is not so cheap- around 17000 bucks per butt (oh that means 8500 per buttock!)- you will definitely have time to gain weight, while saving up! You can also check out different fat removal procedures and liposuction costs in your area.
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