Lady Gaga’s Orange Tan versus Natural Tans

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Lady Gaga is the most ridiculous and fashion obsessed person on the stage nowadays. There is no wonder that we still don’t know if it’s her real style or she just wants to show up having a recognizable image.

Lady Gaga

But the thing she’s recognizable for is her skin tan, no doubt.

“I’m fiercely tan and very orange!” she said, as reported in The Observer.

If you want to even out your skin tone and look a little glow-y, the Completely Bare Model Tan moisturizing face and body self tanner is for you. It costs around – $36.

Blend a little dab of the Benefit Talk to the Tan gel onto your face and décolleté area, and you’ll have a surprisingly realistic tan that’s neither sparkly nor powdery. It washes off. Its price – $26.

The gradual tanning moisturizer, Nivea body Sun-Kissed Firming Moisturizer, impartes a pretty dramatic tan after just a few days. Just wait for it to dry completely before getting into bed. It doesn’t cost much in fact – $7.99

I’m sure that having one of this tans on, you will look much more natural than Lady Gaga.

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