Julianne Moore’s Secret to Look Fantastic at 50

Just look at the Hollywood star, Julianne Moore, and you will definitely understand what I’m talking about… this gorgeous woman knows for sure how to look fantastic being already at the age of 50! Keep reading to learn her secret…

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Julianne Moore has recently appeared in a photo shoot for the May issue of InStyle. And it must be admitted 50-year-old Hollywood star and besides mother-of-two, Julianne Moore looks uber stunning sporting short dress coupled with her red loose signature locks, natural makeup and glowing complexion.

Julianne Moore’s Secret to Look Fantastic at 50

Willing to keep your skin so soft and ‘wrinkle-free’? Then follow Julianne Moore’s beauty secret, shared with InStyle.

She admitted that one of her principal beauty secrets is to allow no direct sun rays:

I have very fair skin and it would have been super-damaged. I always wear sunscreen and I walk on the shady side of the street… Stay out of the sun! I say this to every young person I know…

Julianne Moore’s Secret to Look Fantastic at 50

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