Jessica Alba’s Fabulous Beauty Secrets

Jessica Alba is a perfect exemplar of how modern woman should look like. A happy mother literally radiates happiness, beauty and health from the inside. Therewith Jessica knows how to accentuate her assets with the help of proper makeup. Find out Jessica Alba’s fabulous beauty secrets.

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The 30-year-old actress who is by the way expecting her second child reveals what helps her to keep that gorgeous mommy glow. Eager to learn how to look the same stunning even in a certain condition learn Jessica Alba’s beauty secrets.

Jessica Alba’s Fabulous Beauty Secrets

Being an amazing Revlon ambassador, Jessica Alba knows how to look fabulous in any situation. The secret of her dazzling beauty lies in a simple beauty routine she sticks to. Jessica has revealed that her summer must-have beauty products include tinted moisturizer, light-textured concealer and surely lip gloss and mascara by Revlon. Besides, an efficient sunscreen containing high SPF is an essential component of her daily beauty plan. Jessica prefers to borrow the one from her daughter, Honor, as she thinks that beauty products set for children are the most efficient.

Jessica Alba’s Fabulous Beauty Secrets

Also Jessica Alba revealed her signature makeup trick. She usually applies cream lipstick not only to her lips, but to the apples of her cheekbones and even eyelids as well. Surely she opts for neutral lipstick shades. Though, Jessica doesn’t neglect the usage of bright lipstick shades such as trendy orange one. And no wonder as it perfectly accentuates her glowing golden complexion.

Jessica prefers neutral makeup colors but when it concerns nail polish she gives way and opts for bright nail polish shades. Her fave one is red. As for the perfume choice, Jessica admits that now her fave fragrance is Honore des Pres, Vamp a NY.

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