Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets

No wonder that Marc Anthony was jealous of his uber-hot celebrated wife, Jennifer Lopez. Just look at her, besides voluptuous curves Jennifer Lopez can boast her irresistible beauty, perfect complexion and remarkable beauty looks. Keep reading to learn all the secrets behind Jennifer Lopez’s beauty.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets

The uber-talented actress, singer and designer, Jennifer Lopez is already 40. But she keeps turning heads being one of the hottest Hollywood inhabitants. Find out how J Lo always manages to keep youthful and fresh look. All the Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets are just below.

Firstly, Jennifer Lopez is sure that moisturizing should be the key point in skin care regimen. Jennifer admits that she applies moisturizer to her face and body several times a day, including mornings, evenings and every time after taking a shower.

Also J Lo thinks that good sleep is not less important if you want to get gorgeous skin. Jenny from the block tells that sleep is her most powerful beauty weapon. She is trying to sleep not less than 8 hours. As Lopez says, it is good beauty sleep, moisturizing and cleansing that keep her complexion healthy and glowing.

By the way, if to speak about cleansing, Jennifer prefers usual Vaseline to various cleansers produced by modern cosmetic giants. She uses Vaseline to remove makeup.

Moreover, a famous singer, actress and designer uses cosmetics that contains placenta protein, which helps her to keep youth. Jennifer Lopez is not the only celebrity who includes usage of placenta cosmetics into the daily beauty regimen. Eva Longoria is for instance another Hollywood hottie who likes to use beauty aids containing placenta protein. [Read more: Weird Celebrity Beauty Routines]

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