How to Stay Flawless During Summer

Learn some practical tips on how to stay flawless during summer. How to keep makeup from melting and what summer beauty regimen to follow.

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How to Stay Flawless During Summer

Summertime is tough. It’s hot, you felt like melting and so does your makeup. So how to stay flawless during this hot season? I’d say, go makeup-free. It may seem horrifying even to think about it but hey, if there’s no makeup there’s no need to worry to fix it up every hour or even more often.

Summer is the time when you should pay more attention to your skincare regimen. SPF is a must be it a separate cream or an element of your moisturizer. Skin cleanser is also a huge part of your summer beauty routine in order to prevent breakouts.

If you absolutely must to wear makeup make it light and almost invisible. Opt for lightweight foundation with SPF to avoid layers and layers of makeup. Also choose waterproof makeup as it stays longer and doesn’t melt as quickly or at all. Your locks also need SPF protection. Sun-protective hair spray will protect your hair from damage caused by the sun. Summer is also a time to give your hair a rest. Don’t overload it with many products and go natural with some sun protection.

Also a quick way to refresh your makeup is to spray water on your face letting it dry. The water will absorb and intensify the colors. Besides your body dehydrates in summer very quickly so any water replenishment is important.

Summer beauty trends are dramatic. Dark red lips and bold lashes are a lot of makeup. But it’s okay to treat yourself to a trendy makeup once in a while. To keep it flawless opt for heat-resistant formulas and primer. Primer makes products stay put longer without creasing and melting right away.

This summer is good not only for beachy waves in terms of hair trends. You can sport blonde bob and look fab as well as keep the heat away with a shorter ‘do. Rich hair colors are also in trend as well as straight bangs and center parted hair.

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