How to Remove the Tattoo

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It often happens that under the influence of passion or the wish to look different from others young people make tattoos. They do look interesting and attract much attention and for some time you are admired by everyone. But later you may feel sorry for yielding the temptation once.

henna tattoos

Nowadays getting rid of tattoo is possible. Of course, you cannot do this at home, but you can always consult a doctor and make it at a clinic, which are many in the USA as well as in other countries. The process does not last long. Generally you need several visits to the clinic to totally remove the tattoo you don’t want to have any more. This time is for the physicians to define what kind of ink out of over 100 now existing on the market was used in making your tattoo. This is also the reason why the physician cannot describe the exact treatment course.


Here are some different procedures of tattoo removal, which are most often used in clinics.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The method of Laser Tattoo Removal provides the breaking of the tattoo pigment into small particles, which are later removed by the immune system of the body. The process consists of producing short pulses of intense light that penetrate through the upper skin layers in order to be absorbed by the ink pigment. The procedure is a bit painful, but much less than the process of getting a tattoo.


The procedure of Dermabration involves spraying a small part of tattoo with a freezing agent. After this the skin is peeled with the help of a special device. Peeling allows new skin layers to form.

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The Salabrasion method is very similar to dermabration. But instead of a freezing agent a solution of water and table salt is applied. The effect is the same – new fresh skin layers are caused to grow.


The Excision procedure of tattoo removal includes the removal of both epidermis and dermis in the place of the tattoo. This means a full removal of the skin section. After the tattoo is removed the remaining edges are brought together and sutured.

Healing Process

The healing time after the tattoo removal procedures can vary and depend on the size and depth of the tattoo and certainly on the chosen method of treatment. After some of the methods your skin might become permanently scarred.

Taking all the things mentioned above you better consult the physician before getting a tattoo or try to think seriously about your wish. If you already have one and want to remove it, make sure you are fully informed about each of the variants before you make a treatment decision

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  1. Anna Says:

    what wonderful tattooes on feet!!! I guess i’m gonna get one like that! looks nice! and i don’t think i’ll wish it remove it one day.

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