How to prevent bruising

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Bruises!!! Only one word can fill us with an irresistible sense of disgust. It causes discomfort, and it doesn’t look a kind of aesthetically acceptable thing. A lot of people suffer from this ailment and are always in search of effective treatment means in order to prevent bruises formation. And here I’d like to present the most suitable and efficient ways of bruises prevention.

Firstly, you should reveal more serious causes. Bruising becomes more general with age as capillaries naturally weaken and skin thins. Bruises arise when an injury causes tiny blood vessels, or capillaries, near the skin’s surface to crush and drip. And when your body soaks in the blood, the bruise vanishes, but this may take from one day even to some months, depending on the severity of your wound.

Bruises prevention

I can advise you one thing to do- to start taking 200 mg of vitamin C daily. This microelement is absolutely indispensable to the formation of collagen, which protects your skin against impacts that can lead to bruises.

Means for bruises treatment

Sometimes you can also rub some arnica gel into the affected area of your body. But it mustn’t be used on broken skin. This medicinal plant extract can also help you to alleviate the pain and prevent tumour formation.

Therewith, if you bruise easily and frequently or your nose or gums are bleeding, make sure that you don’t suffer from anemia, leukemia or another blood disorder. Also, I should warn you of medications that dilute the blood can make bruising even worse. Heart drugs such as aspirin, warfarin, and clopidogrel are included here.

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  1. Anon Says:

    Livionex Inc. sells a dermal lotion that will prevent bruise formation if applied soon after an injury.

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