How to Make your Lips much more Kissable and Seductive?

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Full beautiful lips undoubtedly are worth of envy. They have always been a symbol of sex appeal. But don’t get upset if nature didn’t endow you lavishly… I share some tips in order to make your lips much more kissable and seductive!

How to Make your Lips much more Kissable and Seductive?

1) Don‘t forget of exfoliation!

The most kissable lips are smooth, not dry or even worse chapped. If your lips skin is dry you need to exfoliate it daily. I can offer you excellent, but then simple recipes, which you can DIY easily. This will not only soften your lips, but it’ll also leave a long “juiciness” behind.

  • Take a pinch of sugar.
  • Mixing a few droplets of water with the sugar, make it viscous.
  • Rub this paste in a circular motion into your lips.

One more recipe to DIY:

  • Take a clean, dry toothbrush.
  • Apply a bit Vaseline on your lips.
  • Gently brush your lips with the toothbrush for 10-20 seconds.

After exfoliation you will feel your lips skin smooth and tender.

2) Apply lip balm!

How to Make your Lips much more Kissable and Seductive?

Try to moisturize your lips as often as you can. Try not to use lipstick with matte shade, as matte lipsticks tend to have more pigment but less moisturizing ingredients.

3) Sun damages skin on your lips!

When you’re applying sunscreen on your face don’t forget to do the same with your lips. You can protect them with SPF 15 or even higher lip balm or with the same sunscreen.

4) Get into good habits.

A lot of lip problems are caused by bad habits such as smoking. It is damaging your health as well as your skin. It also stimulates wrinkles formation around your mouth. That’s why if you’d like to have sexy, full and, above all, healthy lips, you’d better give up smoking.

And the last trick which is absolutely indispensable if you’d like to have kissable and seductive lips, smile bewitchingly!

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