How to look your best in any situation

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How to look your best in any situation

You have an important upcoming event but you feel sick, you caught cold or your are simply too stressed out to look great and channel your inner glow? Here are some handy tips that will help you look your best in any situation!

Red puffy eyes
Cool compresses will help calm down the inflammation and very mild massage with your finger tips around the eyes will fuel the blood circulation. Apply a bit of moisturizer and then use an illuminating or green-tinted concealer to neutralize the redness and brighten your gaze.

How to look your best in any situation

For a fresh-looking complexion you’ll need a color correcting primer that will also neutralize redness around the nose. Use illuminating powder or bronzer to add glow to your face, brighten it up. You may also want to add a bit of color to appear fresh-faced. However, you better stay away from gray, black, brown, faded pastels. Stick to teal green and avoid blue-based colors if you have dark circles under your eyes. If you have redness around your lips stick to natural-colored lip liner and avoid lip gloss and bright colors.


How to look your best in any situation

Keep it simple, do a sleek or messy bun, use anti-frizz if needed or make a couple of waves around your face with a curling iron. Your hair should look good in order to draw attention away from your unhealthy complexion. If your hair is dirty you can try making waves with hot rollers or use dry shampoo and give it a good blowout or better ask somebody who could help you with it. A messy fishtail with couple of styled bangs can do the trick and appear very stylish.

How to get rid of stress

First of all you have to get out of stressful situation. Then you should calm your nerves and get good sleep. Sleep is the best cure for stress. Cleanse your face before bed, apply moisturizer or apply a moisturizing mask if you have strength. A warm bath with sea salts can also be good for you. Relax your face muscles and tap your face with fingertips to massage and help your muscles relax.

How to look your best in any situation

Drink herbal tea to calm down if you are stressed. Get your best fitting outfit and put some make that makes your face look fresh. Turn to bronzer for some glow or use a red sheer tint of lipstick to brighten up your face.

In case if you’re feeling dizzy and bad it’s always a good idea to stay at home and lay in the warm bed with tea and cookies. After all you can postpone most events for some other time.

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