How to look polished and perfect in minutes

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How to look polished and perfect in minutes

Got a sudden call or overslept for work? That’s no excuse, you have to look your best and be punctual. How? We prepared some tips for you to look polished and perfect in minutes. Aside from being all neat and ready for a meeting and whatnot our tips will teach you how to look trendy this fall not wasting hours for that.

Time is precious so your daily routine should include skin, hair, and nails care. It is important so that once you got an important call you only had to go over your hair with a brush and a lipstick over your lips and be ready either for a meeting or a hot date.

1. Moisturize your face and leave for a minute.

2. While your skin absorbs moisturizer do your hair. If you have a short hair just use some hair wax to highlight the contours of your haircut. And if you have long hair make a knot or a bun. If it’s for the official event slick your hair back, if not make it a little loose and let couple of locks hang free.

3. Get back to your face applying concealer with a brush where it’s needed and spots of foundation and loose powder.

4. Apply blush in dots, look up and start brushing the cheeks to create a contoured look.

5. Two coats of mascara to the upper lashes, and one or none to the lower lashes. A natural color eyeshadow apply to the line above your upper lashes very close to them and blend into the corner with your fingertips.

6. Natural lip color with the lip balm or peach lip-gloss.

Also there are other variations of hairdos and makeup but saving time by step-by-step makeup application and hairstyling will let you look polished and perfect in minutes.

Hot trend: Side-parted Bun
Official meeting or reception? Deep side part and slick it. Use gel or hairspray but do not overdo it. Make a little low braided bun, loosen it a bit to give it a volume. And voila you are polished and perfect in minutes.

Hot trend: Ponytail. Going for a date or party? Make a ponytail. High or low, sleek or soft. Beauty experts think it is best to make a Nicole Ritchie swept to one side ponytail as it is both modern and romantic. Backcomb your hair around the crown and fix it with a hairspray. It should be round but not sleek. Comb the tail to one side and fix it.

Hot trend: Tousled knot. Triangular section in the front and voluminous knot at the back. Couple of waives near the face and you are polished and perfect for a party. Make the mild waves away from the face with a curling iron. Fix with a hairspray just a bit not to lose the tousled hair effect.

Hot trend: Wavy bob. If you graced the summer in a sleek bob there is a perfect way to follow another hot fall trend – wavy bob. Volumizing mousse and dryer will help you create volume and expand the natural wave and the small curling iron add more waves.


Hot trend: Red lips. Red lips are top trendy this fall. Vintage is in the air. Christina Hendricks and other celebrities shine with their red lips on the red carpet, so can you. Take a red lip pencil and stroke around the lip lines inwards, blend and cover with a red lipstick with a lip brush. This will give you full red lips. Pair them with the cat eyes and you’ll be a Hollywood star.

To make cat eyes look perfect smoothen your face with a bit of foundation, powder and concealer and touch your cheeks with a bit of color. Take an inky black liner and draw a line above your lashes winging it out a bit further the end of your eye. A little mascara and you are polished and perfect.

Hot trend: Silky smokey. Smokey eyes are “in” in purple, blues, darks and silvers. To complement your eye color use purples and blues with the dark eyes and silver and gunmetal for light eyes. Apply your shade with a brush and blend a bit to the browbone adding a bit of cream-shimmer eyeshadow. This will create silky smokey look and is done in minutes.

Hot trend: Nude lips. Use applying technique as described for red lips by using lip-colored pencil and natural gloss.

Combine a ponytail a la Nicole Ritchie and silky smokey eyes and you are ready for a dinner, party or club. For an official meeting make a side-parted bun and natural makeup.

It is a lot easier to look polished and perfect in minutes when you maintain your daily routine of eyebrow plucking and skin care. Use our hair and makeup tips to create a trendy look in minutes. A curling iron and hairspray are your best friends in creating a quick cute hairstyle considering that waves are “in” this fall.

If you are about to meet your company’s partners put on a black or gray suit. Pants or skirt doesn’t matter as long as it’s clean and ironed. A pencil skirt paired with a white or pink blouse will also do the trick to make you look both sexy and professional.

Every woman has to have a little black dress and a pair of black classic pumps or stilettos in her wardrobe. This combination is always appropriate and is easy to match. A bit of accessories to brighten up the look and a purse orĀ  clutch to complete the outfit. In order to avoid an emergency run always store a spare pair of stocking or pantyhose in your drawer.

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