How to look beautiful in the morning

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How to look beautiful in the morning

Late nights, sleep deprivation, sugar and alcohol are no-no things to the beauty. But sometimes they are inevitable and we all want to look our best every day. What to do if you haven’t slept enough but have to look beautiful in the morning? There are many tricks and ways to avoid eye bags and other signs of tiredness.

How to look beautiful in the morning

Nighttime routine. Yes, your morning beauty starts with your nighttime-before-bed routine. If you don’t follow this then you lowering your chances to look fresh and beautiful in the morning with less effort. Before going to bed drink a glass of water, try to minimize sugar and salt intake and elevate your head during sleep. Always remove makeup before going to bed. This will prevent the eye irritation and redness, beside your skin needs to breathe and rest from all the products. You can moisturize your skin after washing and toning it. Don’t use heavy creams at night though, they will only add puffiness.

How to look beautiful in the morning

Awakening routine. Cool (not cold!) compresses can help removing bags and dark circles under the eyes. You can throw your eye cream in refrigerator for 5 minutes or use cool tea-bags. Black tea has great anti-inflammatory properties.

A bit of light massage on the eye area when applying your eye cream will help blood circulation. If you have time after this take a shower and let the light water stream massage your eyes. Exercise if you have time, it will boost blood circulation in the whole body.

How to look beautiful in the morning

Makeup. If your skin is tired and dehydrated don’t overdo your makeup. Use tinted moisturizer or mineral powder foundation for healthy glow. Illuminating concealer will add to the glow but is visible under the flashes, so be careful with that and blend it well.

If your lower lash line is pink or red, use beige eye liner. To make your eyes look bigger and distract attention from puffiness wear mascara only on your upper lashes. Stay away from red eyeshadow tints which include pink, purples and also from brown colors as this will only highlight your eye redness. Freshen up your lips with lip balm in sheer red hues.

It takes effort to stay beautiful in the morning especially with the lifestyle that doesn’t give you enough time to rest, exercise and sleep. But there is an absolute beauty routine that has to be performed. With our tips on how to look beautiful in the morning you will be able to do it without much problem.

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