How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

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Women tend to forget about taking care of their feet considering face care more important.


Yes, surely, the first thing we see when we look at a person is a face and it has to be perfect. But if we have some problems with other parts of our body it is reflected on our face either. Thus, when you feel pain in your feet you do not look so happy as in situations when you feel comfortable and even if you smile people see that something is wrong with you.

This example clearly demonstrates the importance of taking care of all, even the tiniest parts of a human body. This post is about how to keep your feet healthy and undamaged.
It is obvious that feet may reflect your general health and comfort. Such symptoms as persistent pain or soreness must be taken as warning signs.

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If you neglect pain, it can deteriorate and become really dangerous. As a result you may start walking badly to avoid the pain and that can lead to more serious problems, for instance, with your posture.

The first topic we are going to discuss here is footwear.
• Wear footwear that supports the foot properly, minimizing the chance of injury.
• Prefer footwear made of natural materials, it will provide your feet with a better opportunity to breathe.
• Don’t wear the same shoes every day.
• Vary shoe types and your heel heights from day to day, one-day wearing low heels, and the next day slightly higher heels. Avoid wearing too high heels. It looks nice but is very dangerous. For everyday use, keep heel heights to about 2cm.
• If you wear trainers air them before and after exercise to prevent bacteria build-up.
• Choose shoes with a strap or lace over the instep. This will help to stop your foot sliding forward.
When you have to stand all day long your feet experience great pressure. Coming home you may probably feel very tired to take care of your feet. But it is necessary if you want to keep them healthy. Actually there is not much to do.
• Sit with your feet up for 10 minutes after a long day, it helps circulation.
• Circle your feet ten times in each direction, keeping your leg as still as possible. This is a good exercise for your feet.
• Straighten your toes and wriggle them around.
• To have some fun circle the alphabet with your feet. Besides, it is a good exercise you can do while sitting at your desk in the office.
• Raise, point and then curl your toes for five seconds each, repeated ten times which is particularly good for your toe cramps or hammer toes.
If you suffer from constant pain in your feet and treatment does not work for you consider visiting a specialist. Sometimes a small structural or functional imbalance in the foot may cause problems further up the body. It is significant to notice all slight changes in your state.

And if you think you will not be able to cope with the problem yourself do not wait any longer – visit a professional!

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2 Responses to “How to Keep Your Feet Healthy”
  1. Ferragamo Says:

    good tips and very effective really. but think girl won’t follow them as they always try to look as beatiful as possible.

  2. Anonimous Says:

    i do always have problems with my feet on summer !

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