How to do Vintage Makeup

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How to do Vintage Makeup

Want to try something new or are you a retro-lover who never trued pin-up makeup? Well, today we tell about how to do vintage makeup. Look at all the beautiful ladies from the past Marylin and Betty or the preset Dita or Katy. They wear little makeup and yet it looks bright and unforgettable. The latest fad is to style after Mad Men characters.

How to do Vintage Makeup

To achieve classic pin up or vintage look opt for feline eyes and red pout. Cat eyeliner with naturally-looking falsies or good mascara will make your eyes pop as well as give some sexy perk to your gaze. A bit of rosy or pearl-tinted shadow in the inner corner of the eye will make the good contrast with your eyeliner.

Vintage girls have a smooth even-toned complexion so work on the problem areas, if you have those with concealer or corrective makeup.

How to do Vintage Makeup

You eyebrows should be well-defined, shaped and groomed. Apply some transparent shimmery shadows right on your brow bone to achieve the sexy glow.

Red or sheer red pout is all your need to complete the vintage look. You can also apply blush if necessary just a little touch to the cheekbones. Illuminating products applied to the highest points of your face will make your face glow.

How to do Vintage Makeup

Katy Perry took a modern twist on the pin up/vintage makeup. To achieve her look you’ll need to make your cat eyeliner more extreme and opt for hot pink lipstick.

To draw a sexy mole a la Marylin Monroe you’ll need a black eyeliner and a steady hand. You can do vintage makeup for a dinner out or a party as it is pretty classy and evening. If you want to tone it down a little opt for lighter shades of red lipstick.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    :o i love this look!!! …. put i have no hair

  2. Erika Says:

    I absolutely love pin up makeup!

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