How to do Photo-friendly Makeup

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How to do Photo-friendly Makeup

Want to look perfect on the photos? Easy with a photo-friendly makeup. Learn some tricks on how to hide blemishes and imperfections and create a perfect look that will work on the photos. If you know you are going to be photographed follow the tips below to  do a photo-friendly makeup.


Using primer before applying your makeup will prevent it from melting and fading before or during the photoshoot or the event you are going to be photographed at.

No SPF containing products

SPF is not photo-friendly. Whether you are wearing a foundation with SPF or a cream it will be reflected by the camera flash. It usually creates an effect of your face being pale.

How to do Photo-friendly Makeup

Kim Kardashian, too much of illuminating concealer

Shine or Matte

Shine is not really photo-friendly, so it is easier to get away with matte look. It can be achieved with loose powder over the foundation, not illuminating powder though as it also will make you look pale and ashy. Matte eye shadows also look best on photos. But if you want to shine a bit tone down the look by applying matte shadows to the crease.

More color

Flash strips color off your look, so putting just a bit more color into your makeup will make you look good on the photo. However, do not overdo your makeup because then you will end up looking garish.

Magnifying mirror can be of help if you want to hide all the little blemishes on your skin. Also taking couple of test photos will help you see how your makeup will look on the photos. In order to blend your face tone with the rest if your body put some foundation on your ears and neck, especially if you considering doing a close-up shot.

How to do Photo-friendly Makeup

Smile adorns your face, don’t forget about the lip color rules for accentuating white in your teeth. For black and white photos use light makeup or solid colors as shiny and colorful shadows and lipsticks won’t show so well on the black and white picture. Create a flattering contour of your face accentuating beautiful areas and correcting imperfections and you will look gorgeous in black and white.

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