How To Choose Best Beauty Gift

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Choosing a gift can be daunting especially if you shop in a beauty department store. First of all, the assortment can be too wide and too many shades can make your head spin. But if you want to make a special beauty gift for your closest family or friend these are the tips to follow.

Guide on Choosing Beauty Gift

Beauty gifts

When you become a bit overwhelmed by an assortment of brands, products and shades just think about the price range of such a wide assortment. Chances are there are lots of products for a any pocket.

The rule of thumb in beauty gift shopping is not to buy when uncertain. Opt out of gifts like perfume, lipstick or any other product where the pigment is very important like foundation and powder. Stick with mascara as a makeup gift, of course, if the person in question wears it. There is a limited range of shades and you can always ask a beauty consultant about the best brands. They can also tell you which one doesn’t clump.

There are a few ways to be certain what to buy. If you know the brands and better yet specific products your presentee uses you can buy them one of their favorite beauty staples. If you don’t, it is better to stick with gift sets of bath sea salts and foam.

Speaking of gift sets, this is a great way to give beauty products. For one, there are a few mini or full-sized products and they come in cool packaging that can be re-used as makeup bags.

If you are giving perfume, be sure to, at least, know the presentee’s favorite brand. You can buy a gift box of their (brand’s) newet scents or choose the latest hot fragrance. Scent can be quite tricky in any beauty product so be sure to opt for mild and neutral ones. Your presentee may be sensitive to sharp smell in such products.

Here is a list of best beauty products to give and not miss:

  • Luminizer (some of these come in very limited shades or are univeral)
  • Small brush set (3 to 5 brushes are key to flawless makeup and even if your presentee is not a beauty junkie, a small set of brushes will surely come in handy)
  • Body lotion, scrub, wash (a set of these will be a great gift)
  • Nail sets (for manicure enthusiasts a small nail art or polish set will be a perfect gift)
  • Temporary hair color (hair chalks and sprays that give hair rainbow colors are quite popular now)
  • Face mist (fancy water to hydrate skin, choose the ones without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other chemicals and fragrances)

Be sure to consult with a store staff on any chosen product but it’s always a great idea to know about your presentee’s tastes and preferences in the given department. You can also buy a gift card for them to choose anything they want within a particular sum.

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