Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

New year, new tendencies, new beauty experiments… everything that brings us every new year is connected with fresh striking ideas. 2011 is no exception, as this year has provided us with a good deal of the newest hot beauty trends that are no doubt worth trying.

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There are usually a plenty of beauty trends you’d love to try, but can’t sometimes venture to do. First of all, don’t afraid of experimenting. Second, consider beauty specialists’ opinion. And third follow the latest beauty trends. Well, we’ve prepared all the hot beauty trends that are worth trying in 2011 for you to inspire for own trendy beauty tries.

Natural Eye Makeup

Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

Natural eye makeup is an undoubted 2011 beauty must-try. But take into account that natural here doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave your eyes wearing no makeup at all. Opt for pastel eyeshadow shades that would help to make your eyes stand out. And complement your natural eye makeup applying a bit of lengthening or volume mascara to your lashes. Pale natural colors dominated the 2011 fashion shows. Besides, natural eye makeup look is a perfect daily beauty option.

Tousled Ponytail

Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

Ponytail has never been ‘out’. And no wonder as ponytail is a universal hair option whether it is a glamorous red-carpet-event look or a usual workout-friendly hairstyle. But for 2011 we suggest you to add a girlish ingenuous coquetry to a usual ponytail look. A bit tousled ponytail is exactly what is worth trying in 2011. To get the look use dry shampoo to add texture at roots and after gather your hair and secure with elastic. Wrap a lock of hair around the base of your tail to cover the elastic, fix with bobby pins. Put a bit of pomade on your tail to get that glamorous tousled effect.

Bronze Beauty

Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

Glowing and sunny beauty look is a hot makeup trend worth trying in 2011. And don’t give up if Mother Nature didn’t endow you with bronzed skin, as cosmetic producers have seen about you, having invented miraculous makeup product that can immediately add sunny glow to your face. It is bronzer that can get you natural ‘sun-kissed’ look almost effortlessly; you need just to choose the most appropriate bronzer tone. Bronzer shade that is two or three tones warmer than your complexion would be the most suitable pick!

Non-glossed Lips and Nails

Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

Matte colors of lips and nails have solidly fixed in 2011 beauty trends. Bright juicy and, what is important, MATTE colors applied to your lips never better accentuate your pouts, while matte nails look incredibly glamorous and trendy.

Gray Nails

Hot Beauty Trends Worth Trying in 2011

Gray nails no matter glossy or matte are the beauty trend that is worth trying in 2011. Fashion shows as well as 2011 red carpet events are literally studded with grayish-lacquered nails.

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