High Heels – Forever!

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As we have already talked about the heels in the Alluring and Dangerous Heels article and watched the shortcomings, let’s see what we can do to remain on stilettos without the health risk.

High Heels - Forever1

Well, how to choose the high heeled shoes and to hold yourself wearing them?

To fulfill your every day tasks put on the low-heel-footwear – no higher than 2.4 inches. Middle and high heels are practicable only in case if you don’t need to stand on the feet several hours in succession and you have a possibility to take them off periodically to let the feet rest.

Physicians recommend being on the middle and high heels just up to 3-4 hours. Or at least try to take them off every 2 hours and massage your feet or perform some mini-gymnastics. For the sort of the limbering-up it would be enough to pull the feet and then to stretch them. Thus you activate the toe blood circulation erasing the effects of heels. It is also recommended to walk barefooted for several minutes to train the Achilles tendon.

High Heels - Forever5

Weigh the pros and cons when choosing the footwear. Some trendy silhouette can simply misfit you. For instance, rough-flat-soled shoes don’t go well to the short girls as they make you look heavier. At the same time, too refined stilettos are a bad choice for excessive-weight-women as they cannot provide the proper balance.

But if you’re still long to purchase a pair of fashionable footwear, give yourself a real rating. Put on both shoes, stand still and try to lift yourself on tiptoes so that there could be more than 0.7 in between the floor and heels desirably. If this trick is too complicated, it means that these heels are too high for you.

Take into consideration the fact that your feet stretch and widen a bit as years pass by.

High Heels - Forever3

Try to buy the shoes you feel comfortable in from the very first minute. The hope that the footwear will wear in is too fake and the process is too painful as it causes corn as a minimum. Choose the post-job hours for shopping because your feet swell a little by this time and you’re to have the fitting-you-best-pair likely.

Stilettos are stilettos! We can’t stand against the alluring heels but we have to learn how to wear them keeping healthy legs. So, girls, let’s clatter!

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