Have a Beaming Smile!

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Charming woman is always a radiating one! But there also must be a radiating smile in this case! I think you agree with me that it’s not the least of the factors. Unfortunately some of women can’t boast a perfect smile. It can happen firstly because of the yellowish teeth tint by nature. Tooth color can hardly stand against such influences as food and drinks you take: tea, coffee, chocolate, great variety of food colouring agents. I don’t mention smoking that severely affects the tooth hues.

Have a Beaming Smile

So, if you’re not satisfied with your teeth color, there’re 2 ways of whitening them: homemade and salon. But they both are united by the hydrogen peroxide that is used at the whitening procedure.

Home whitening can be realized by the whitening toothpastes. There are plenty of them on the market now. Their principle is all the same – they help to whiten a bit (not completely) and lessen the yellowy tint caused by regular use of tea and coffee. There are also can the tooth gels to help with it. But to apply the special gel, read the manual instruction carefully, because some of them should be put for 20-30 minutes and others for several hours.

Professional whitening is much more effective and differs by the high concentration of the operative substances. That’s why it’s better to visit a specialist.

There are 4 professional tooth whitening methods:

1. Laser. Whitening stuff is activated by the exposure to laser rays. Advantage: it’s possible to vary the whitening intensity (right up to the slightly distinguishable hues) depending on the laser rate.

2. Chemical. Chemical catalyst acts as an active matter. Advantage: whitens the teeth strongly and quickly. 1 procedure is often enough.

3. Photo. Ultraviolet rays exert influence upon the active matter of the whitening stuff. Escaped oxygen decomposes the dark enamel spots. Advantage: appropriate tooth care can keep the result for the whole life.

4. Sometimes you need to whiten only one or two teeth, or even some small fraction of a tooth that differs by its tint. You have inner whitening or micro abrasive methods for such cases. This procedure should be conducted only by the expert.

Have a Beaming Smile

It’s pretty obvious, that none of the above enumerated methods is completely harmless. Whitening process leads to the perceptibility of the teeth as it damages the enamel. That’s why it is recommended to use special remedies to reduce the perceptibility. An after whitening result can stay from half a year to couple of years. But follow the tooth hygiene thoroughly to keep it. Also you need to undergo the prophylactic home whitening procedure once a half a year.

This procedure is permitted to everyone. There are only the contra-indication for pregnant women or women with some mouth cavity diseases or high tooth perceptibility. If there is none, choose the method you like best, arm yourself with patience and in a few hours you’ll have a beaming smile!

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