Would You Try These Crazy Hairstyles From Around The Web?

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Crazy hair is all the rage these days. I dare say, it’s almost mainstream. Even fashion girls dig the unnatural colors. Celebs are jumping on the rainbow hair bandwagon like it’s a NBD and the lay folk is marveling at yet another hairstyle that before would simply be considered to subculture or whatever.

Crazy car hairstyle

@laserb.kate is a Russian Instagram blogger with a two-color mane and an undercut that depicts…a kitty head. Awww! The┬áSaint-Petersburg resident’s hairstyle she shared on her Instagram is gaining momentum online right now and with an almost universal love for cats I could see this hairstyle becoming a trend. There’s a potential, you know.

Crazy green hairstyle

Nothing can top the kitty undercut in bright baby blue and bubblegum pink but maybe this one can come as a close second. Is this a real person’s hair? Anyway, the ombre effect is beautiful and reminds me of Serena Williams. Do you think the hair bows would suit the world athlete though?

Crazy bright hairstyle

There is this other type of rainbow hair trend called sand art. Is this it? Yep, and the cut and braid are so frakking cool, it’s ridiculous.

Crazy multicolor hair

@xostylistxo shows how it’s done with this cool multicolored hairstyle. It’s more sophisticated and muted than regular sand art and it is made for all types of braids.

Aubrey O'Day crazy tricolor hair

Singer Aubrey O’Day is no stranger to unnatural colored hair. In fact she’s been sporting all kinds of unusual colors and combos. Here’s her tricolor blonde, coral, and blue hair that looks somewhat similar to the tie dye technique.

Crazy tie-dye hair

What a way to wear all your favorite colors together!

Jamie Genevieve crazy hair

Finally a makeup artist and YouTuber @jamiegenevieve takes a fresh on a white streak of hair. A beautiful combination of sky blue and lavender seamlessly melt into one another like smoke. Gorgeous!

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.

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