Women’s Hair Trends 2009

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If you love to be in the center of attention, if you prefer wearing only trendy clothes you just cannot do without hair styles that are in vogue this season.


The choice for you is huge: extremely short, extremely girly, extremely sexual or extremely slick. However, for those more conservative there are a bob style and a mermaid romantic image.

The Cropped Bob & The Pixie Crop

If you cut the bob in 2008 and want to look stylish in 2009 you have plenty of choices. You may want to let your hair grow out or do something more extreme with your hair. No matter what you choose you will be fashionable.

The Cropped Bob

The Cropped Bob

The cropped bob was in fashion in 2008 and it is still with us. To my mind, too many ladies wear this style and if you want to be well like others it is for you. However, for women who like to stand out a lot we have a new, changed cropped bob which is much shorter that before. It is short all over, even with a heavily shortened blunt cut fringe. This new style is for those who ooze confidence. A good example is Agyness Deyn with her cropped fringed bob.

The Pixie Crop

The Pixie Crop

The pixie crop as well as the cropped bob started as a hair trend in 2008 and is expected to be popular in 2009. If you are bold and like to surprise other this style will work for you. It is very short, but looks gorgeous if you style your hair well. As Katie Holmes once said “a lack of styling and product and you can look suddenly middle-aged.” So, style your crop carefully! Look at Victoria Beckham and her perfect pixie crop as an example for you.

Long Hair

If short hair doesn’t suit you there are many other choices, for instance, variations of long hair. Long hair looks good when it is treated well and styled beautifully. Moreover, it creates a more feminine look.

Flowing hair

Flowing hair style has always been popular, it looks chic and sophisticated, feminine and gentle. The style looks well with many clothing styles, especially with Bohemian luxury.

Beyonce flowing hair

Celebrities wearing flowing hair are Liv Tyler, Beyonce and others.

Straight and Sleek

Jennifer Aniston straight hair

This style looks magnificent on many girls. You don’t have to do anything with your hair, just keep it clean and sleek. Look at Anna Faris and Jennifer Aniston to recognize the style.

Mermaid / 1940s Waves with Side-Part

I love this style very much. It is so romantic and nice-looking!!! Cute curls look really luxurious.

1940s Waves with Side-Part

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids have been brought to style by some celebs, such as Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen and others. This style that seems to be simple is preferred by ladies not only for every day wear but at the red carper either.

Mary-Kate Olsen

As you see there are many styles to choose from. But don’t follow the fashion blindly, select the hair-do that suits you best! Good luck!

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Mona Liz

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  1. Gretta Says:

    i love long flowing hairdo!

  2. lindsey combs Says:

    I love all these new hair styles..I love rhiannas hair style…

  3. annie Says:

    Wow, Hairstyles that make us want it to try on our own hair..I tried new haircare products by Framesi which helped me to personalize my hairstyle by adding volume, shine and softness.


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