Winter Beauty Tips: How to Get Rid of Static Hair

Winter is the time of extreme temperature changes, dry skin and hair and static electricity. And we know hair and static is not quite a voguish combination. Hair clings to the clothes or attempts to fly away so it's important to know some tricks about how to get rid of static.

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Winters can be tough on hair. Harsh weather, dramatic shift between hot and cold temperatures and heating can all make hair look dull and wear it out. Heating especially makes hair dry and causes frizziness and static. So here are some tips on how to get rid of static hair. Read on how to tame frizzy hair.

Winter Beuaty Tips: How to Get Rid of Static Hair

Proper Brush

Proper brush can help prevent static from even emerging. Plastic brushes tend to cause static while natural wooden ones help avoid the rising hair look. Invest in brushes with broad bristles here is more on how to choose hair brush.


Synthetic fabrics like polyester and viscose just like plastic brushes tend to cause static which will affect hair when they are worn. Natural fabrics like wool and cotton can help getting rid of static both in clothes and hair.


Turning down the heater a bit might help when it comes to dry hair and skin. Thus the moisture won’t evaporate from hair that quickly and static won’t ruin the hairstyle.

Hair Products

Hair products must be soft so it doesn’t wash away all the natural oils from hair making it dry. Using leave in conditioner or hair lotion may also help in getting rid of static hair. Heavier conditioners can be used in winter for dry hair.

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