Why your hair lost the luster!

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The luster is one of the main beauty qualities that only healthy hair can have. Shining hair helps you to improve your mood attracting all the eyes to you.

Why Your Hair Lost the Luster

Let’s shortly define the reasons causing the loss of the hair luster.

Firstly, the season of the year can influence your hair badly if they’re not protected well. Firstly, the season of the year can influence your hair badly if it’s not protected well. For instance, summer light rays can furiously damage the hair turning it into dry, faded and fragile one, so can the winter freeze.

Secondly, there are can be some diseases, blood circulation problems or hyponutrition that harm your body and affect your hair as a consequence.

Thirdly, a frequent dyeing and perm cause the hair luster loss. The perm and hair dyes contain the alkalis that change the natural hair acidity basically. It ruins the keratin rate in the structure of the hair.

Fourthly, the hairdryers, hair rollers, straighteners and curling irons concentrate the heat and dehydrate hair.

The fifth hair luster loss cause can be the wrong the hair care cosmetics, particularly mismatching your hair type.

Why Your Hair Lost the Luster

Knowing the reasons causing the hair problems, we arm ourselves with the ways of how to avoid these problems and maintain our shining hair health.

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2 Responses to “Why your hair lost the luster!”
  1. Goody Says:

    there are so many things to keep in mind that it seems almost impossible to do!!!!

  2. Zee Mathews Says:

    Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    Zee Mathews
    The Salon Mangers Academy

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