What Women’s Hairdos Attract Men?

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Men find long and flowing waving hair the sexiest way of hair styling according to the data of the recent poll.

The first place went to Cheryl Cole’s and Kelly Brook’s hairdos judging by the respondents – 43%.


The second place won the hair style a-la Jennifer Aniston, i.e. long and straight hair.

Then it’s followed by the classical short bob like Rihanna wore.


Straight middle-length hair settling like Gwyneth Paltrow has, turned onto the 4th place in the rating of sexy hairdos.

And the short boyish Victoria Beckham hair cut took the 5th one.


Developer of Philips Hair Devices, Karen Moore, said:

“Hair is the distinctive women’s characteristic. Long hair is linked traditionally to the femininity that caused the reason why men had chosen exactly long, thick, wavy hair #1 sexy.”

The poll has also discovered some other interesting facts. 79% of men claimed that they like to give the women’s hair a casual stroke but if there is too much of the hair spay or mousse they feel themselves unpleasant. 80% think that woman’s hair can characterize her a lot. And 18% confessed to rarely noticing some changes in their girlfriends’ hair.

A forth of the interviewed told that they would never dared to tell the truth about their girlfriends’ hairdos.

The poll revealed an interesting datum that despite having the short-haired style icons like Posh Girl, men still choose women with long gorgeous hair.


In tote, the poll results are like this:

Long-wavy-flowing hair – 43%

Long and straight one – 13%

Classical bob – 10%

Straight-middle-length hair – 9%

Short haircut – 7 %

Katie Holmes’s bob – 5%

Brigitte Bardot beehive hair – 4%

Middle-length curls -3%.

These are of course only a pole and that is what our men think of our hair! Do you care? Do you feel better when you can catch men’s attention having awesome hair settling? I do!

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2 Responses to “What Women’s Hairdos Attract Men?”
  1. lara Says:

    i will cut my hair but i don’t no what’s nice i feel everything bad :(

  2. lara Says:

    pleas help me to cut my hair and show me the bast hair that u no it help!

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